Build the right sales culture with the right sales team.

Sales training alone is not effective to drive change, institute real change by creating a roadmap!


We are THE Sales Training Experts!

A sales and executive leadership training organization with a proven track record to transform any business to be able to attract, retain, and operate at a high sales capacity. 

Power up your sales professionals to win in today’s hyper-competitive environment. All you need is the approach, actions, and attitude essentials to win. That will help you develop the methodology, sales skills, coaching, and content necessary to develop sales champions!

Empower your business by developing a sales leadership model. That will ensure that you consistently deliver the systems and mentorship that will ensure your sales managers are capable of building and driving a loyal, inspire and target – beating sales team. 

Design the process for a solution lead sales approach. Then create step by step outbound prospecting/outreach programs and playbooks. The three will empower your sales team with the leads and meetings crucial to winning business ensuring everyone hits quota monthly.

It Is Time Level Up Your Sales

Increase Sales Productivity

Help your sales team to overcome productivity challenges, become more effective at selling, and boost revenue acquisition.

Ensure Sales Team Collaboration

Lack of sales collaboration is bad for business. This includes both collaboration within and between your sales teams, and cross-functional collaboration with other departments in the larger organization

Motivate An Underperforming
Sales Team

Nurture them and turn them into a selling powerhouse by understanding how they are motivated. 


Testimonials - Client's Reviews


Wade W.

General Manager, Graybar

“Thank you for helping me to find the strength to be a better leader. More than a manager, but a LEADER! We will be very close if not over our stretch goal of $23.5M in sales this year. That is a full year ahead of schedule on the 5 year plan that I created. Thank you for being such a positive influence in my life!”

“Hiring Transformed Sales to support our business was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, Not only did Wesleyne and her team provide clarity, strategy and sales support but the results were immediate. The first deal we closed after two strategy sessions went from a $9,000 a project to $48,000 project.”

Jenae J.

CEO, CTM Unlimited

Brooklyn D.

Global Sales Trainer, Pitchbook

“I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the straight forward candor and excellent sales leadership coaching I’ve received. Right from the onset of our engagement I’ve been challenged to expand my thinking as a sales leader. Her keep ability to deliver cutting edge and exact insights have helped me drive for results.”