Behavior Based Sales Training

Are you looking for lasting behavioral change within your sales organization that will drive sales results?

Sales training is just one element in a broader behavior change strategy. Improving sales performance more often than not requires changing the behaviors of salespeople. It’s one thing for salespeople to comprehend new training, and another for them to apply those skills in the real world.

Application of training through robust reinforcement leads to increased win rates, revenue growth, and higher retention.

Your sales organization is continually challenged to bring in higher revenue, quarter after quarter, and year after year. You are asked to expand markets, launch next-generation products, and keep pace with the changing needs of your customers.

The sales environment is dynamic and relentless, and to remain competitive, your sales organization needs the ability to change, and change rapidly.


Understanding what was broken within the team helped accelerate our growth 3x in 30 days.

Greg, District VP, Graybar Electric

You should not just evaluate your current salespeople for best results, you need to evaluate each salesperson you consider hiring as well.

By doing so effectively, you can feel confident knowing that every salesperson you hire possesses the personality traits necessary to achieve high sales results. One of the best ways to do that is with a sales personality test. That will allow you to determine whether or not a candidate has these 3 non-teachable personality traits: ——————–>

If the candidate does score high for those traits, it means that they are driven and there is a very good chance that they will succeed as a “Superstar” salesperson on your team.

Then interview them to make sure they are a good cultural fit and make an informed decision about hiring.

Need for Achievement
Low Performers
Team 65%
Quota Hitters
Team 25%
Sales Superstars
Team 10%

Why Is Half Of Your Team Not Hitting Quota?


Ask yourself these questions to find out why

  • Is the problem with the salespeople or sales leadership?
  • Are your salespeople in the right roles?
  • What are their current sales skills and capabilities?
  • What’s in their Sales DNA that may be holding them back?
  • What self-limiting beliefs are hindering their performance?
  • Are your sales managers leading or managing?

Completed Project

Start with KPIs & Work Backward

To be effective, it is important that behaviors targeted for change are directly aligned to the sales organization’s KPIs and desired outcome

Engage Your Team In Their Transformation

Salespeople do not change their behaviors because they are expected to do so. And neither do they because it is obviously in their own best interest. They change because they buy in. That happens when they actively participate in the transformation.

Make New Behaviors Matter

Sales is a very practical discipline, and salespeople have a keen sense of what will and will not add value to themselves and their clients. For sellers to really buy in, they need to see new behaviors succeed in the field. They need to know that those behaviors are expected and supported by you as their leader and the entire organization.

Shift From Guessing to Knowing

A defined measurement strategy is essential for real-time visibility, informing the learning program, and validating success. Without key measures, there is no way of knowing where, when, or if the change is occurring.

Are you tired of your salespeople:

  • Dealing with prospects who pick their brains for ideas, and then give the business to someone else?
  • Wasting time with leads who they said were interested but were far from it?
  • Making presentations to people who can’t or won’t make decisions?
  • Letting your proposals be used as bargaining chips to negotiate better prices?
  • Getting derailed with one stall or objection after another?
  • Having to work so hard to prospect?
  • Feeling frustrated because you make headway on company goals?
  • Constantly looking for new ways to find prospects that don’t require making cold calls?
  • Producing inconsistent sales forecasts and results?


Experience Your Sales Team Transformation


It’s time to learn why the traditional selling strategies used throughout history fail.

We are certified sales trainers for Gap selling will help you and your team develop an effective and efficient process for developing sales opportunities.