For the CEO

Change has to start at the top.  As the CEO you want to play a larger role in helping your organization reach your aggressive revenue objectives.

According to the Vistage Research Center, companies with the strongest sales teams generally have at least one element in common. In each, the CEO makes a personal commitment to sales training and sales support. These CEOs don’t view sales training as an expense; they view it as an investment.

In sales training, that leadership quality manifests itself in strong support at the highest level. For you as the CEO, that includes showing up at sales training sessions and even occasionally participating as an instructor.


You can manage your company’s assets, but you have to lead your salesforce. It’s up to you to create and maintain a culture of success, reflected in the attitude of each and every individual hired and trained as part of your sales team.

All too often, CEOs preoccupied with bottom-line issues search for ways to cut the sales and marketing budget. Instead, you should focus on what can really help the business. That is, helping build credibility for your sales team. You can ensure true and effective change by including sales leadership coaching as part of your sales transformation initiative.

The key to building an organization-wide coaching culture is having a common process. That will ensure that when you coach your sales manager, he or she will in turn coach their team. With that, your business will experience the following benefits:


Building a team of sales managers who serve as resources to the salespeople who report to them and provide more valued support, information, guidance, and reinforcement.


Creation of an organization-wide coaching culture that drives business performance.


Higher levels of self-motivation to excel so that team members take greater responsibility for their performance.


Building a team of sales managers who continue to grow in their roles and make significant contributions to growing the business and developing client relationships.