Sales Consulting

Many sales organizations tend to focus on day-to-day operations. It’s not a bad thing and it’s very common, but it leaves less room for reflection, innovation, and optimization.

How do you want to grow as a company, what are your ambitions, where do the opportunities lie for you? If your existing team is busy with day-to-day tasks, an external party can help take steps in new directions.

If you need to solve sales challenges beyond simply increasing pipeline, strategic sales consulting will bring a fresh perspective and new insight to your leadership and sales team.

No matter how daunting those sales challenges seem, when viewed with the proper perspective, they become manageable problems that can be solved using data, experience, and tested processes.

Sales consulting will enable you to take a deep dive into those challenges, diagnose the areas of greatest need, and then map out a solution so that you can take actionable steps towards reaching your sales goals.

Components of Effective Sales Consulting

Team 50%
Team 50%

How Can Sales Consulting Help You?

  • Inside Sales & SDR Training
  • Sales Call Coaching
  • Inside Sales Manager Coaching
  • Sales Ops and Sales Stack Strategy
  • CRM Implementation
  • Compensation Plan Design & Management
  • Growth Model & Financial KPIs
  • Sales Training Programs
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Script, Copy and Cadence Optimization
  • Scaling & Hiring

Consulting will bring additional value to your sales team through deep experience with Salesforce development, maintenance, and implementations.

Increase sales reps’ knowledge base and reinforce learnings via regular or as-needed training with an experienced sales consultant.

Gain valuable 3rd-party perspective to escape habit-based thinking among internal leadership, adding external input to decision-making; Sales Leadership: Supplement sales leadership bandwidth to train first-line reps and managers, Gaining access to fresh, deep sales perspective and operational expertise without increasing leadership headcount

Streamline your lead generation and sales operations processes by selecting the right tools, for the best prices; Evaluate and optimize the tools you’re using to prospect and manage clients

Develop, document, and refine every aspect of your sales process, and train your sales team on execution.

Experience Your Company’s Sales Transformation


It’s time to stop creating your own ad hoc strategy.

We are certified sales trainers for Gap selling will help you and your team develop an effective and efficient process for developing sales opportunities.